How Much Do I Love “The Movies”?

My apologies for slacking on the blog postings recently. It is due in part to this: A Story of Our Hero – To 1930 & Beyond! (which also partly answers the question posed above). 

Believe it or not, I’m not very good at the whole self-promotion thing, and so I simply ask that you please check out the campaign and, if you like, share it via the wonderful tools we have available to us…and if you can, a contribution would be greatly appreciated. I hope my fellow film fanatics enjoy the names of the perks.

Thank you for all of the support!

Also, the “Slapstick Summer Series” will return on Monday.


Happy Birthday, Lois Weber – America’s 1st Female Filmmaker

Born on this day in 1879, Lois Weber was a child prodigy pianist and silent film pioneer – an actress, screenwriter, producer, and director (the 1st woman as such in the United States) of over 100 known films. As a progressive activist, Weber’s movies often contained her ideals of social justice, which included support for women’s rights and birth control, as well as opposition towards censorship and the death penalty.

Her films are also known for being technically and narratively advanced for the time, groundbreaking in their usage and advancement of existing film language. One such example is the pre-Hitchcockian Suspense, directed in 1913 by Weber, below with a piano score by the lovely and talented Robbie Kaye from Beauty and Wisdom.

That Weber has been largely forgotten with the passage of time is as much a tragedy as the final years in her own life. I hope this changes and she begins to receive a more recognized and deserving place in history.

For Creatives (that’s everyone): Words of Wisdom and Inspiration

Music Therapy and Fraggle Rock

I have a question for those interested. First, imagine being of the age and unfortunate condition as the gentleman in this video:

Now, which song do you THINK would have the most impact upon you, as occurred with him?

There are so many aspects to consider, not just regarding how songs remind us of certain times in our lives, but also in connection within our various relationships, both past and present. And who knows what is deep within our subconscious which we may not even think as being a trigger in such a state.

Personally, the 1st thing that came to my mind is from an episode of Fraggle Rock! The song which starts at the 1 minute mark here:

I’d love to hear your songs.

Beyond 100: The 1st Female Filmmaker (Alice Guy), Méliès in May, and more

First off, thank you to anyone reading this and to everyone who’s checked out a previous posting. It’s been a delightful time, giddy actually, connecting and interacting with those who have found something of interest in a post or two. I plan to do a better job of regularly sharing content from a more diverse range of topics that are of interest to me, while still maintaining a slight focus on film, movies, cinema, flicks, whatever-you-might-call-it.

Speaking of which, March Melies Madness officially concluded with my 100th post, but despair not, the works of Méliès will resume in May. As for April, I’m spotlighting the surviving films of Alice Guy-Blaché (seen below), the world’s 1st female director in the motion picture industry. She was a true pioneer with accomplishments and works that rival any of her male counterparts from the era of cinema’s birth.

Thank you again, and here’s to the next 100.

Source: Silent Film via Janelle on Pinterest

God’s All-Seeing Vagina

Kudos to Netflix for the use of God’s all-seeing vagina on their new Qwikster website, just to let us know how hard they can fuck us.

Two Gallants @ The Drunken Unicorn

Knocked down in 1st mosh pit in a decade + Puked on by random drunk chick + Drumstick from the best active band = Rock n’ Roll


Two Gallants @ The Drunken Unicorn

Baba O’Riley

Thanks to smartphones, it is now much easier to convince someone that there is no song titled “Teenage Wasteland” by The Who.

Time Flies

At this time 3 years ago, my son was minutes away from being born. That is all. And that is enough.

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