March Melies Madness! – The Devil in a Convent [Le diable au convent] (1899)

In The Devil in a Convent (aka Le diable au convent), the devil (Georges Méliès) takes advantage of some nuns while in the guise of a priest before finally being defeated.

Music performed by Billy Duncan for Change Before Going Productions.


March Melies Madness! – The Conjuror [L’impressionniste fin de siècle] (1899)

Méliès flawlessly recreates and augments one of his magical stage acts.

1st Dissolve Transition

Cinderella (1899) – Georges Melies

This oldest known film adaptation of Charles Perrault’s 1697 fairy tale is also the first movie to utilize a dissolve transition between scenes. Georges Méliès accomplished this by closing the lens aperture, rewinding the film, and then re-opening the aperture.

1st Shot Continuity

A Kiss in the Tunnel (1899) – George Albert Smith

One of the 1st examples of shot continuity, A Kiss in the Tunnel by George Albert Smith begins as a phantom ride, cuts to within the train upon entering the tunnel, and then cuts back to the ride upon exiting.

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