Batcat: The Dark Kitty.

I guess Batman and Catwoman hooked up after all. (via Dangerous Minds.)


For Creatives (that’s everyone): Words of Wisdom and Inspiration

God’s All-Seeing Vagina

Kudos to Netflix for the use of God’s all-seeing vagina on their new Qwikster website, just to let us know how hard they can fuck us.

Two Gallants @ The Drunken Unicorn

Knocked down in 1st mosh pit in a decade + Puked on by random drunk chick + Drumstick from the best active band = Rock n’ Roll


Two Gallants @ The Drunken Unicorn

Too Easy

Yes, that’s a snake in his hands, and yes, that’s a cat in her lap.

Here’s Looking at You, Kid.

To America! – Finally seeing Casablanca on the bigscreen tonight at the Earl Smith Strand Theatre. Play it, Sam.  I’ll wear grey, you wear blue. Here’s looking at you, kid.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Mini-Giddy!

Rock Timeline: From Classic Rock to Modern Crap [COMIC]

Rock Timeline: From Classic Rock to Modern Crap [COMIC]

by Winston Rowntree via Cracked

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